Cody Milton wins the BASS Nation Kayak Series Lake Fork Event

Stop number two on the new BASS Nation Kayak Series was on Lake Fork and it proved to be an absolute slug fest. It took 80 inches to even crack the top 44 and 52 fish over 20 inches were sent in to the Tourneyx leader board. At the end of the day Arkansas angler Cody Milton came out on top with after jumping to the lead early and hanging on all day. He was also the only person in the 140 plus angler field with a 100 inch limit.

1st Place Cody Milton – “The biggest key for me was honestly the high rise Nucanoe seat. I also seemed to do a lot better fishing out of the back of the boat so I could be closer to them without having the longer part of my kayak towards them. These fish were so shallow. Boats could only get about 40 yds from them and cast to them but it wasn’t working. I can’t express enough how perfect this tournament was to be in a kayak. I had so many areas with 4+lb fish that boats couldn’t touch.”

2nd Place Dan Krispinsky – “Shallow water was the deal for me on Fork this weekend. We were fortunate to be on Lake Fork this year during the spawn. Sight fishing during the spawn is one of my most comfortable types of Bass fishing. I was lucky enough to find a small cove pre-fishing that held fish and had it all to myself. There were boats all around me in all the other coves, but for whatever reason they all stayed out of my area except for one other kayak angler who stayed for about 10 minutes and left. Finding an un-pressured cove on Lake Fork during the spawn in a rare thing. The cove was slightly wind blown which discolored the water enough to where I could see the different sand discoloration indicating beds, but I couldn’t see the fish on the beds which meant they most likely couldn’t see me. Trusting that the fish were there ended up paying off. All my fish were caught using the ultra realistic Pumpkin Seed ChaseBaits MudBug 2.75”.  That bait is very unique and likely something they hadn’t seen before. It looks so realistic they couldn’t resist it and were biting the bait after only a few seconds of me flipping into where they were located. All of these combinations came together for me to have a very memorable day on Lake Fork.”

3rd Place Chad Dagley – “I have a great support system and never give up. I always put god first and that is how I succeed in this sport.  Big thanks to Armstrong Outfitters Tackle for supplying the chatter bait that caught my biggest 3 fish. The others were caught on a lipless crank. My main key was to stay in 5-6′ of water just out from the rip rap.”

Another huge turnout for the BASS Nation Kayak Series
The entire top ten from the Lake Fork BASS event

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